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    Manufacturer   Product Name   Price   Product Description 
BR-2000D  Vibroplex  BR-2000D  $280.00 
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 Blue Racer 2000 deluxe, chrome base 
BR-2000S  Vibroplex  BR-2000S  $230.00 
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 Blue Racer 2000 standard, basic base 
BRIS  Vibroplex  BRIS  $170.00 
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 Brass Racer Iambic square base, black square paddle 
BRIT  Vibroplex  BRIT  $170.00 
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 Brass Racer Iambic triangle base, black square paddle 
CWJ  Vibroplex  CWJ  $125.00 
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 Code Warrior Junior 
DKD  Vibroplex  DKD  $430.00 
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 Double key deluxe, chrome base 
 Vibroplex  DKG  $500.00 
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 Double key gold, with gold base 
DKS  Vibroplex  DKS  $395.00 
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 Double key standard with basic base 
ID  Vibroplex  ID  $230.00 
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 Iambic deluxe, chrome base with jewelled contacts 
IG  Vibroplex  IG  $360.00 
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 Iambic gold, Gold base with jewelled contacs 
IP  Vibroplex  IP  $330.00 
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 Iambic Presentation, gold plated base with jewelled contacts 
IS  Vibroplex  IS  $185.00 
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 Iambic standard, black base paddle 
OD  Vibroplex  OD  $260.00 
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 Orginal-deluxe, chrome base with jewelled contacts 
OG  Vibroplex  OG  $380.00 
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 Original gold, 24k Gold base with jewelled movements 
OP  Vibroplex  OP  $335.00 
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 Original presentation Gold plate base with jewelled movements 
OS  Vibroplex  OS  $200.00 
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 Original standard, black base 
OS  LH  Vibroplex  OS LH  $240.00 
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 Original standard, black base Left Hand version 
SKD  Vibroplex  SKD  $225.00 
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 Straight Key Deluxe, Highly polished chrome base with bright chrome top parts 
SKG  Vibroplex  SKG  $350.00 
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 Straight Key Gold, Gold base 
SKS  Vibroplex  SKS  $185.00 
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 Straight Key Standard, black base paddle 
SRD  Vibroplex  SRD  $170.00 
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 Square racer deluxe 
SRS  Vibroplex  SRS  $150.00 
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 Square racer standard 
VD  Vibroplex  VD  $225.00 
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 Regular Vibroplex deluxe, chrome base 
VG  Vibroplex  VG  $350.00 
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 Vibroplex Gold, 24K gold base 
VS  Vibroplex  VS  $185.00 
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 Vibroplex standard, black base 
Displaying 1 to 25 (of 25 products) Result Pages:  1 

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