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    Manufacturer   Product Name   Price   Product Description 
58102966  RigBlaster  58102966  $16.00 
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 PNP Cable for Icom 8 Pin ACC1 Jack 
58102967  RigBlaster  58102967  $16.00 
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 PNP Cable for Icom 13 Pin DIN Aux Jack 
58102968  RigBlaster  58102968  $16.00 
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 PNP Cable for Kenwood 13 Pin Aux Jack 
58107-971  RigBlaster  58107-971  $16.00 
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 Rig Control Cable for CI-V (Icom) Radios 
58108-972  RigBlaster  58108-972  $16.00 
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 Rigblaster CAT Cable for Yaesu FT-100,100D,817,857,897 
58131-997  RigBlaster  58131-997  $32.00 
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 Yaesu Data Port to Sound Card Cable. 6ft 
58531-1080  RigBlaster  58531-1080  $25.00 
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 Power Supply Cable, 6 ft 
RIGblaster Advantage  RigBlaster  RIGblaster Advantage  $291.00 
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 Built-in CAT/CI-V rig-control interface, works with over 2500 radios, Front panel transmit and receive audio and VOX delay controls 
RIGblaster Blue  RigBlaster  RIGblaster Blue  $291.00 
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 Completely Integrated Bluetooth Wireless Interface, Compatible with Most Manufacturer’s Radios, Built-in Rig Control, Front Panel Audio Controls  
C15-PK12  RigBlaster  C15-PK12  $22.00 
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 Powerpole Connect, 12PR, 15AMPS, 16-18GA 
C30-PK12  RigBlaster  C30-PK12  $22.00 
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 Powerpole Connect, 12PR, 30AMPS, 12-14GA 
C45-PK12  RigBlaster  C45-PK12  $29.00 
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 Powerpole Connect, 12PR, 45AMPS, 10-12GA 
CBA IV  RigBlaster  CBA IV  $232.00 
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 Computerized Battery Analyzer with Software 
CLRspkr  RigBlaster  CLRspkr  $319.00 
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 CLRspkr - ClearSpeech® DSP Noise Reduction Speaker 
RIGblaster Nomic  RigBlaster  RIGblaster Nomic  $88.00 
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 All mode TNC uses sound card, used with 8 pin mic, plug radios, includes cables 
RIGblaster Data Jack Plug & Play  RigBlaster  RIGblaster Data Jack Plug & Play  $175.00 
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 USB Plug & Play Sound Card Interface 
RIGblaster Pro  RigBlaster  RIGblaster Pro  $435.00 
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 Deluxe all mode TNC for your sound card, with multiple cables 
RIGblaster PWRcheck  RigBlaster  RIGblaster PWRcheck  $268.00 
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 DC power analyzer, watt meter and voltage monitor 
PWRcrimp  RigBlaster  PWRcrimp  $59.00 
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 PWRcrimp Powerpole Crimp Tool 
PWRgate PG40S  RigBlaster  PWRgate PG40S  $203.00 
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 12 volt backup power system rated at 40 amp, built-in four-stage battery charger 
PWRguard Plus  RigBlaster  PWRguard Plus  $167.00 
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 40 Amps, PWRguard Plus protects the radio, the power supply and the battery from damage. 
PWRspkr  RigBlaster  PWRspkr  $116.00 
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 PWRspkr - amplified loudspeaker for improved communication in noisy environments  
RigTalk / CAT  RigBlaster  RigTalk / CAT  $95.00 
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 RigTalk USB to TTL level interface includes Cable for Yaesu FT-100,100D,817,857,897 
RigTalk / CI-V  RigBlaster  RigTalk / CI-V  $88.00 
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 RigTalk USB to TTL level interface includes Cable for CI-V (Icom and TenTec) Radios 
Runner 4004 USB  RigBlaster  Runner 4004 USB  $139.00 
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 Power bar, 5 DC outlets, 40 amps, 2 USB sockets 
Runner 4005C  RigBlaster  Runner 4005C  $126.00 
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 DC power bar, 5 outlets, 40 amps, dimensions: 6 x 3 x 1.4 
Runner 4005H  RigBlaster  Runner 4005H  $124.00 
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 DC power panel, 5 outlets, 40 amps, Horizontal Configuration 
Runner 4005I  RigBlaster  Runner 4005I  $406.00 
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 DC power panel, 5 outlets, 40 amps, Internet Based Monitoring System with software 
RIGrunner 4007U  RigBlaster  RIGrunner 4007U  $247.00 
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 RigBlaster RIGrunner 4007U | 40 amp 12 VDC continuous duty with 7 fused outlets, Automatic supply voltage and load current measurement shown on a 3 x 7 segment display, Automatic shut off on high (HVD) or low voltage condition (LVD), Intelligent USB port for charging iPhone, Android and other USB devices. 
Runner 4008  RigBlaster  Runner 4008  $175.00 
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 DC power bar, 8 outlets, 40 amps, dimensions: 9" x 3" x 1.4" 
Runner 4008H  RigBlaster  Runner 4008H  $160.00 
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 DC power panel, 8 outlets, 40 amps, Horizontal Configuration 
Runner 4012  RigBlaster  Runner 4012  $190.00 
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 DC power bar, 12 outlets, 40 amps, dimensions: 11.75" x 3" x 1.4" 
Runner 8012  RigBlaster  Runner 8012  $232.00 
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 DC power bar, 80 amps at 12VDC across two 40 amp busses 
Displaying 1 to 33 (of 33 products) Result Pages:  1 

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