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LDG Electronics
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AL-100  LDG Electronics  AL-100  $215.00 
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 Autotuner for Alinco DX-SR8T, 1.8 to 54.0 MHz coverage, 2000 fast memories, Microprocessor controlled, LED indicators for SWR, Latching relays, holds tune position forever.  
AT-1000ProII  LDG Electronics  AT-1000ProII  $772.00 
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 Desktop Automatic Tuner, 1.8 to 30 MHz, Two position antenna switch with 2000 memories for each position and Adjustable threshold for Auto mode. 
AT-100ProII  LDG Electronics  AT-100ProII  $330.00 
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 Desktop tuner, covers 1.8 54 MHz, handles 1 to 125 watts, 2000 memories 
AT-200PROII  LDG Electronics  AT-200PROII  $371.00 
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 Desktop tuner, covers 1.8 30 MHz, handles upto 250 watts 
AT-600ProII  LDG Electronics  AT-600ProII  $530.00 
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 Desk-top auto-tuner, 600w SSB and 300w RTTY, 4000 memories, Two position antenna  
M-600 is NOT included.
AT-897Plus  LDG Electronics  AT-897Plus  $287.00 
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 Auto Tuner for Yaesu FT-897 
FTL-Meter  LDG Electronics  FTL-Meter  $130.00 
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 FTL Meter, 4.5" Cool Blue LED Lighting, for use with FT-857(D) and FT-897(D) 
FT-Meter  LDG Electronics  FT-Meter  $87.00 
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 Large display meter for FT-857 and FT-897 
 LDG Electronics  IC-2000  $15.00 
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 12" cable interface between FT-2000 radio and tuner. 
 LDG Electronics  IC-PAC  $15.00 
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 14 inch cable for Icom radios. Connects to AH-3 or AH-4 port. 
 LDG Electronics  IC-PAC6  $18.00 
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 6 foot cable for Icom radios. 
IT-100  LDG Electronics  IT-100  $258.00 
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 Desk-top auto-tuner, 0.1 to 125 watt power range (SSB and CW), 100W on 6M 
KT-100  LDG Electronics  KT-100  $287.00 
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 Autotuner, 0.1 to 125 Watts, 2000 memories, for any Kenwood radio that is AT-300 compatible 
RBA-1:1  LDG Electronics  RBA-1:1  $42.00 
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 1:1 Current Balun 
RBA-4:1  LDG Electronics  RBA-4:1  $42.00 
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 4:1 Voltage Balun 
RT-600  LDG Electronics  RT-600  $644.00 
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 Remote Tuner, 1.8 to 54.0 MHz coverage. Built-in frequency sensor, 2000 memories, 200 watt digital, Tunes 4 to 800 ohm loads 
RT RC-100 Kit  LDG Electronics  RT RC-100 Kit  $358.00 
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 Remote Tuner, 1.8 to 54.0 MHz coverage. Built-in frequency sensor, 2000 memories, Remote Control 
TW-2-Demo  LDG Electronics  TW-2-Demo   $125.00
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 VHF/UHF SWR Talking Wattmeter,  
Demo Stock - As New, Full Warranty 
 LDG Electronics  YA-CC  $15.00 
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 12" cable interface between radio and tuner. FT-857, FT-897 series (including "D" models). 
YT-100  LDG Electronics  YT-100  $287.00 
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 Desk-top auto-tuner, built-in CAT interface for FT-100(D), 857(D) and 897(D) radios. 
YT-1200  LDG Electronics  YT-1200  $372.00 
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 RF Power: 1 to 100 watts SSB and CW, 30W on PSK, Latching relays for ultra low power consumption, Built-in CAT/Power interface for FT-450(D), FT-991, FT-950, FTDX-1200, FTDX-3000 radios. 
Z-100PLUS  LDG Electronics  Z-100PLUS  $230.00 
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 Compact Auto-Tuner, 2000 Memories sorted by frequency. 
Z-11 PROII  LDG Electronics  Z-11 PROII  $258.00 
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 Automatic antenna tuner with memory, 0.1 to 125 watts SSB and CW (100watts on 6m), 
Z-817  LDG Electronics  Z-817  $187.00 
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 Autotuner, 0.1 to 20 Watts, 2000 memories, for QRP radios 
Z-817H  LDG Electronics  Z-817H  $230.00 
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 Auto Tuner for FT-817ND with Amp, 2000 Memories, Built-in CAT port interface, 1.8 to 54MHz Coverage 
Displaying 1 to 25 (of 25 products) Result Pages:  1 

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