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    Manufacturer   Product Name   Price   Product Description 
53403  Barjan  53403  $7.00 
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 3/8 - 24 Thread Heavy Duty Nickel Plated Stud Mount with SO239 
53405  Barjan  53405  $9.00 
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 Standard 3/8" x 24 Thread Medium Duty Stainless Steel Antenna Spring Antenna Spring. Chrome Plated Metal Construction. 
53407  Barjan  53407  $17.00 
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 Chrome Plated Heavy Duty Antenna Spring 
53702  Barjan  53702  $12.00 
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 Horizontal Aluminum Mirror Mount with SO239 
53703  Barjan  53703  $11.00 
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 Horizontal Aluminum Mirror Mount "Double Groove" with SO239 
53704  Barjan  53704  $11.00 
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 Aluminum Right Angle Mirror Mount with SO239 
53705  Barjan  53705  $12.00 
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 Aluminum Trucker Mirror Mount for 3/8" thread antennas with SO-239 
53706  Barjan  53706  $12.00 
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 Double Groove Mirror Mount (No Stud / Hardware) 
53710  Barjan  53710  $11.00 
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 Trucker Antenna Mount with SO239 Plug to Plug Connections for GM Prior to 1990 
59904  Barjan  59904  $22.00 
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 4-Pin Dynamic CB Microphone for Cobra and Uniden Radios. 
66550  Barjan  66550  $34.00 
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 31" AM/FM Mirror Mount Kit with 9 Feet Coax Cable. 
66590  Barjan  66590  $9.00 
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 22" Glass Mount CB Antenna Kit 
66700  Barjan  66700  $27.00 
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 48 inches Base Load Stainless Steel CB Antenna. 
66740  Barjan  66740  $35.00 
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 58 inches 4000 watt High power stainless steel Helix Coil Design CB antenna 
66750  Barjan  66750  $32.00 
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 54 inches 1000 Watts "Oil Coil" Hi-Power Mobile CB Antenna. 
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 Heavy Duty Retractable mic Keeper 
Mic Keeper  Barjan  Mic Keeper  $28.00 
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 Standard Retractable CB Microphone Keeper 
RP12CC  Barjan  RP12CC  $11.00 
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 12 FT RG58U Coax Cable with PL-259 On Each End 
RP12CCP  Barjan  RP12CCP  $17.00 
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 ROADPRO 12' CB Antenna Co-Phase Coax Cable with (3) PL-259 Connectors - Black RP-12CCP 
RP18CCP  Barjan  RP18CCP  $21.00 
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 ROADPRO 18' CB Antenna Co-Phase Coax Cable with (3) PL-259 Connectors - Black RP-18CCP 
RP-8X6  Barjan  RP-8X6  $15.00 
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 RoadPro RP-8X6 Grey 6' CB Antenna Coax Cable with PL-259 Connectors 
RP9CC  Barjan  RP9CC  $9.00 
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 9 FT RG58U Coax Cable with PL-259 On Each End 
TS105  Barjan  TS105  $14.00 
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 Replacement Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Stud Mount with SO239 
TS-18CC  Barjan  TS-18CC  $12.00 
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 18' RG58AU Coax Cable with 95% Copper Shield and Modeled PL-259 Connectors. 
TS-3CC  Barjan  TS-3CC  $9.00 
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 TruckSpec TS-3CC 3' CB Radio antenna COAX cable W/ Molded PL-259 Connectors 
TSBT-1  Barjan  TSBT-1  $22.00 
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 TruckSpec TSBT-1 18" Mirror Mount Scanner Antenna 
TSPS-24KB  Barjan  TSPS-24KB  $61.00 
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 TruckSpec 4' Platinum Series Dual Mirror Mount CB Antenna Kit - 1000 Watts Black TSPS-24KB 
TSPS-3B  Barjan  TSPS-3B  $19.00 
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 1000 Watts 36" Black Magic Fiber CB Antenna 
Displaying 1 to 28 (of 28 products) Result Pages:  1 

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